Monday, November 21, 2011


Werewolves are one of legend's most fearsome creatures. Part man and part wolf, the werewolf is large, mean, and often out of control.
As only a few mythical creatures can claim, werewolves have been described throughout different parts of the world for centuries. Stories of men going on murderous rampages in the form of an evil wolf were recorded as early as the late 1500s in France and Germany.
We've been able to trace the history of the werewolf back to early Native American legends, yet the werewolf appears in legends all over the world.In the last century, several werewolf sightings have been recorded. Many of them have taken place in Wisconsin, where the origins of werewolves are believed to have begun.
As myth's greatest monsters are able to do, the werewolf legend has spread across borders, even across seas and oceans. Vicious animal attacks have been reported for centuries, yet during the day no one can find a trace of the creatures responsible. Those who study mythology have long known that few creatures have the power, speed, and mindless slaughtering propensity the way that werewolves do.
Before we delve into the details of these fearsome and powerful creatures, it is important that we first clear up the confusion about what a "werewolf" actually is.

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